Trust. Innovative. Devoted. Driven. Intuition. Emotional intelligence. Safe.

The tiddies, in suck on my tiddies. Stands for trust, innovative, devoted, driven, intuition, emotional intelligence, and safe. I’ve literally turned it in to an acronym. It represents people who have no where to go in times of need and distress. When communication is no longer a safe trusting environment. We as people generally refuse to speak and let things go for the good, for change. Technically it’s our fault when we do not bend, and see that we must go thru certain obsticles, just to retain our peace. The universe is, and always revolves around us, waiting for the opportunity to show us what we are truly made of, as well as why we are all here. I’d like to think that we all need one another, for rules and regulation sake. Take for the simple fact that all of us are different, someone may have a temper that you know of, and it could seem like no one could console this type of person. Oh but there is.. We all have a TYPE that can make us SEE, so that we bend, for our changes that we must make, to move on to our next level of learning. Sometimes it takes more emotion in our communication, sometimes it takes more logic. Overall it really just takes time for a person to listen, with understanding, to help see what the root of the problem might be. So that progressive movements could be made. If you could keep your neutrality in a situation, do you think you could help someone with their understanding of a problem and keep the neutral position constant? If so, you are an amazing person.

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