Moving with the negative and its rewards.

By: Jessika Campania

Negativity. Its such an uncomfortable word to understand. To literally be in the negative, can be quite difficult as well. To remain idle in the negative, can seem like the time spent in it, was for nothing. Only because it was for nothing. Usually when people get the opportunity to be challenged with difficulties, we react as if we are headed to war emotionally. We put up a field of protection for ourselves, in hopes that we could obtain some kind of peace, while being in the negative. We get offended with words, that were made for our movement, and before you know it, we absorb these words inadvertently the wrong way, paving the path for our ultimate emotional destruction. Unknowingly withholding ourselves from the insightful gain in these words. We sabotage ourselves. A few examples could be your spouse nagging you for the hundredth time that you’re not romantic. It could be your Mom questioning why you don’t think before you act. Or even your best friend telling you that you couldn’t understand how she felt. These are all communicative words linking towards the negative, striving to carry us to the positive, without the intentions to ever hurt our ego, but to push us in to physical action, to fix a problem that we have as individuals. A problem that the other person might have with us, as them being an individual as well. Its personal, Kinda like steps towards your path of enlightenment. Its an answer to be honest. Not a clue, or a hint. An answer! from a very good place in the heart, given by another person and their brave perspective. To help them, help you, for the betterment of the peace, that is in desperate need of our attention, for progress. Usually being a person you trust, and love. These people know who you are, they are loved ones that wouldn’t let you down in any methodical way. Analytical to the point where it hurts so much, we couldn’t even think to critic ourselves honestly. Being in that negative moment, we are baffled to believe that our alliance could even go against us. So off we go! to an emotional war, offended, and idle, the solitary soldier in confinement of our own egotistical brains. Where did our logic go to? Why did these words hurt us so bad? Was it pride? Or was it Ignorance? To move in the negative takes time. It takes time, because of how we choose to absorb it. Also how we could utilize it for our benefit, if we choose to do so. Find logic in our emotion, seek the root of the problem, critiquing ourselves honestly, understand what mistakes we need to fix, being consistent in keeping fixed mistakes fixed. Use empathy in our reasoning. Try to understand where the other person is coming from. Above all, embrace the negative and the peace that it can bring. For it is just a place that we all must be in from time to time. How will you react in the negative the next time it comes around?

A candid moment with a very good friend.

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